Mistakes made by Employers that a Plaintiff’s Lawyer Loves to See

There are certain mistakes made by employers that a plaintiff’s lawyer loves to discover. Below is a short list of common errors made by employers in the workplace that are avoidable.

Pre-Employment Mistakes

  • Failure to conduct an adequate background check
  • Inconsistent recruiting and hiring practices
  • Inappropriate interview questions

Mistakes During Employment

  • Failure to pay and identify exempt vs. non-exempt employees
  • Failure to implement, disseminate, and follow personnel policies or procedures
  • Failure to train employees
  • Failure to provide job descriptions
  • Failure to document promptly and accurately discipline or performance issues
  • Failure to provide employee performance reviews
  • Failure to provide employees notice under state or federal law when the law requires

Post-Termination Mistakes

  • Not conducting exit interviews
  • Not making timely payments of all wages due the employee
  • Inappropriate internal and external comments
  • Failure to provide post-termination required notices under state or federal law