6 reasons why a business should have an employee handbook

  1. Clearly define a company’s policies and procedures in the workplace
  1. Give written notice to employees of their obligations in the workplace and standards of conduct that need to be adhered to
  2. Provide mandated legal notice regarding state and federal laws
  3. Provide communication of important information to employees
  4. Provide company legal protection, defenses in the event of a lawsuit, and potentially limit future liability
  5. Creates more uniform objective vs. subjective standards in the workplace

8 Reasons to Use a Lawyer to Review and Draft Business Contracts

  1. Provide an in-depth understanding of the terms and conditions, including legal terms of art.
  2. Avoid risks such as pitfalls/loopholes in terms and conditions.
  3. Ensure best terms and/or neutral terms and conditions.
  4. Provide protections in case of breach.
  5. Provide alternatives for disputes in case of breach.
  6. Make sure document is legally enforceable.
  7. Incorporate laws and regulations as necessary in the industry.
  8. Negotiate the terms and conditions.